Used 1993 JaguarXJS Base Convertible

  • VIN: SAJNW4747PC187140
  • Stock: P187140
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93,474 miles
Fuel Economy
17.0/23.0 mpg City/Hwy
Exterior Color
Interior Color
4.0 I-6 cyl
Jaguar XJS
  • Carfax Free

Highlighted Features

  • Leather upholstery
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Power convertible roof
  • Memory seat
  • Heated front seats
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Security system
  • Alloy wheels

Detailed Specifications

Dealer Notes

Clean CARFAX. 1993 Jaguar XJS

Durham's Auto Mart is family owned and operated and has served the Triangle area since 1972. We are your local Certified Pre-Owned Specialists! Gold RWD 4-Speed Automatic 4.0L I6

Odometer is 1563 miles below market average!

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Kelley Blue Book -
Overall4.4Out of 5
  • 1992 XJ6 4 Dr. Sedan - Classic

    By JayAtl69 on Thursday, April 02, 2009

    I bought this car in 2004 for under a $1000 to resale to a friend. I liked it so much I decided to keep it. It had 170,000 miles when I got it and now I am at 230,000. Prior to me owning it the car had been maintained on its proper maintenance schedule by professional repair shops. Due to my budget constraints I have done ALL my maintenance and repairs myself or with help from friends. Despite that the car continues to run and the engine, transmission, and rear are solid. The car has required a bit of tinkering to resolve some issues and I have been able to make the minor repairs inexpensively by getting the parts at Pull A Part Salvage otherwise the parts would have been much higher. Literally I have maybe put $350 in the car that wasn't normal maintenance. Biggest problems areas I found in this car was with the fuel injectors. Once the problem was identified it wasn't hard to resolve. Note though new fuel injector is $100 and I got the used for $6 so obvious savings. Note that if the fuel pump goes you have to replace much more because they revamped it and the harness in the gas tank is not offered for the original equipment. In my case we actually made a wiring harness and it continues to work. Generally the electronics tend to have problems from time to time. Also the original struts once a problem are not easily repaired. Most switch it out for a later concept but in my case I just replaced totally spent struts with ones that were less worn out. Thus an awesome ride in my case is compromised but to me its satifactory and i rather not make the investment. This car for the size and weigh actually has some nice get up and go in it. You can get in the fast lane and it cruises nicely. I enjoy how safe I feel in it as compared to other cars. Its a heavy solid car which certainly would withstand a collison better then many others should such an unfortunate situation occur. I can't remember the exact place or statistic I read about this but the general statement was that Jaguars are one of the least likely vehicles to be pulled over by law enforcement based upon the number on the road and traffic stops by law enforcement. Not sure if that is a meaningful stat since it depends on how you drive but maybe there is something else that works in the jaguar drivers favor and if so then that is a plus. The computer and information it provides is nice for a 92. This car has fuses everywhere so that might be good or bad you can be the judge. What I really love about the car is the styling because I just think it is unique in that to me it doesn't become outdated. Its a Classic Style at least to me so while other brands and model tend to age in the style and look the Jaguar in that 90 plus years remain uniquely stylish to this day at least to me. Additionally its the Jaguar name. Funny how it generally gives the impression to others that is more valued certainly then the modest $ I have in it. That never hurts. I've looked at replacing mine but I continue to conclude I still like it enough that I don't have enough reason to spend money on something else in todays economy. Enjoy!!
  • Great car if your not a perfectionist!

    By Pilot on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    I've owned this car for 28 months now, and have put 20,000 miles on it. Just put a new paint job on it after somebody keyed it at my college, looks great now. Just wanted to say this is a good car if you don't mind paying a little extra to drive something you really like. Gas millege is mediocre. In Chicago, I get about 14 mpg, but when I drove to college, a six hour drive, I get 22 mpg...according to the trip computer which is junk in my opinion. On the subject though, over my long drives this car is so comfortable it seems like nothing. If you do want to get one of these, it would be better for somebody with a garage, because water gathers in several spots which leads to rust if your not careful with drying it. My check engine light, brake light, and lightbulb warning light have been on constantly for the past four months, but the jaguar dealer mechanic assured me everything was fine, it's just that these cars are temporamental. SO if you have a weak heart, or a light wallet, maybe not the car for you.
  • Vault Solid...

    By Snoopy on Monday, October 13, 2008

    I asked Jaguar mechanics before buying any Jag, and the universal opinion was to look for this particular 6 Cylinder and transmission combination. According to them, this great combo has been considered bullet-proof. The 8 cyl of this era had overheating problems.

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